Understanding the causes of phobias psychology essay

Individuals with specific phobias do not often seek treatment. Informational and instructional factors can result in the formation of fears. When phobias interfere with people's lives, however, treatment can become necessary and often is very helpful.

Domestic violence robs victims of their fundamental right to maintain control over their own lives. Treatment includes different types of psychotherapy. Self-certain people tend to make plans to deal with their weaknesses.

Yet, there is evidence that suggests that moderate levels of anxiety may serve as an adaptive function. Some theorists propose that biological researchers have ignored specific phobias because pharmacological treatment is not the treatment of choice for this disorder.

State and trait anxiety refers to the personality traits of an individual. There are two methods of counterconditioning which will eliminate the stimulus: There is an overall basic distinction between fear and anxiety.

A tendency to have phobias seems to run in families, as does the tendency to have anxiety in other forms. Some may be reluctant to try this at first, since it involves facing fear rather than avoiding it.

The locations of injuries in women most commonly include the head, chest, breasts and arms. Significant and enduring fear of phobic stimulus: And since they do not know their own weaknesses, there is a lack of knowledge, thus an inability to create an effective coping response.

New Harbinger Publications, The word comes from the Greek "nosos," meaning "disease. For example, a picture of a spider will not evoke as much fear as an actual spider.

Biological Explanations Of Anxiety Disorders

Adults and adolescents with specific phobias recognize that their fear is unreasonable. Havisham poetry analysis essay argumentative essay on abortion should be legalised art and artifice and other essays of illusion pdf file chicago essay importance of law employment law discrimination essay introduction essayer lunettes soleil ligne dessay legrand nantes map dissertation on recession on retail sector charles i civil war essay introduction, california teacher of the year essays on love reservation essay essay cleanliness of rivers and my responsibilities as an american historical research paper their eyes were watching god essay daoine oga essay martin essayan the boston consulting group, continuity and change over time essay help rackham dissertation defense gift.

In the latter case mentioned, one may lose a large measure of ability to think, act, and perform. Learning to experience fear is the core of a conditioning perspective. The word comes from the Greek "kyon," meaning "dog.

The repeated muscle tensing results in a temporary increase in blood pressure and prevents fainting when patients see blood. Demographics General United States population Specific phobias are common.

There are three main types of phobias: The person will go to an airport. For example, in Pavlov's experiment, the dog salivating is the naturally occurring reflex and the environmental stimulus is the ringing of the bell. Anxiety is a vague unpleasant emotional state with qualities of apprehension, dread, distress, and uneasiness.

The onset age for the situational type occurs in childhood, but peaks again in the mid-twenties.Classical conditioning can also be used to treat phobias in a process known as desensitization.

In this process, the person with the phobia is exposed to the thing of which they are afraid. Finally, although flooding is highly effective for simple (specific) phobias, the treatment is less effective for other types of phobia, including social phobia and agoraphobia.

Some psychologists suggest that social phobias are caused by irrational thinking and are not caused by an unpleasant experiences (or learning through classical conditioning).

In the field of psychology there are several different theories of the motivation of fear and anxiety. The cognitive, biological, and learning perspectives on the motivation of fear and anxiety will be discussed.

The Causes of Behavior B. F. SKINNER B. F. Skinner () was an American psychologist who spent his career at Eventually it became a matter of understanding and explaining behavior.

It could always be reduced to a question about causes. psychology of people like Wilhelm Wundt and Edward B. Titchener was attacked accordingly.

Prior to assigning a diagnosis of specific phobia, clinicians need to consider whether a patient's fear is extreme in the context of a particular culture and whether the phobia causes difficulties in daily functioning or triggers a lot of distress.

Further research is needed on the effects of culture upon the symptoms of specific phobia. Psychology Essay - The document makes it clear that, not only is health behaviour a major facet of Governmental thinking but it also features prominently in the psychology of the general public.

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Understanding the causes of phobias psychology essay
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