Schools should not be closed because

This is dismissed by the DfE, which says there is flexibility. So send your child to a Grammar School Grammar schools are free but selective. Competition does not mean better education, it means standardised education and teaching students to jump through hoops.

This begs the question: Please know that the safety of all of our students is our first priority when making all weather-related decisions. You may also check our website.

Yann, London All I can say is, if, when we lived in Austria, the schools had closed because of snow, the children would have spent half the weekdays at home all the way from November to April. Contrasting the persistent struggles of many NYC district public schools and Schools should not be closed because academic calendar of days with the longer school day and year of successful public charter networks like Democracy Prep or Success Academy which are free from such contractual restrictionsmy longstanding position for more instructional time is further confirmed.

My husband has suggested he would volunteer to help clear the site. Creating additional need for classrooms or eliminating unnecessary classrooms can affect decisions about school closure.

Keep in mind that leasing a school, as opposed to selling it, allows a school district to retain it as a resource in case enrollment increasesas it often does, and facilities are needed again.

This time line should be modified to suit your districts unique needs. Government funding to private schools in fact contradicts the purpose of private schools being free from government intervention.

This story was updated to include new remarks from reform office director Natasha Baker. This is just some of the information school administrators process on cold or snowy winter mornings, in deciding whether schools should close. Therefore, we encourage and strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your child ren.

Education is a priority to becoming not only a contributing American citizen, but a global citizen as well. But there can be site-related high achievement schools based upon innovative facility design, a particularly fortuitous dynamic among staff, and just the right mixture of students.

The expected value realized from a closed school should be measured not just in revenue but also in community enhancement see Chapter 5 for limitations of how revenue from the sale or lease of property can be used.

No teachers - no opening. When weather is severe, we want you to know how we will make decisions about closing school. Recognizing different holidays would be a huge step forward on the path to give all communities and faiths equality.

Personally I feel that you and your child's safety is paramount, schools should close in severe weather. My school shut at lunch time yesterday, all staff remained to make sure parents were able to collect their children, before heading out home.

Many can be waived by the State Board of Education, but the items listed below cannot: McAndrews, who now is the superintendent in residence for the New York State Council of School Superintendentssaid he had a similar routine during his ten years as superintendent of the 4,student Niskayuna district.

I have two primary school aged children and one toddler at home. There was some synchronization of superintendents in the area. Also, the richest private schools do not get better at the expense of the nation: As private education has much better means to do this, e.

Therefore, abolishing independent education would not create equal opportunities for all that were of benefit: These apply to property disposed through outright sale or through lease with an option to purchase Land must first be made available for use for low-income housing and for park and recreation purposes Education Code Section ; Land must be made available to specified park and recreation departments Education Code Section [a].

Many schools throughout New York State closed one day during the extreme cold snap, to prevent youngsters from traveling in below-zero temperatures, said McAndrews.

The superintendent and school board members should not be included on the DAC or the expanded, school-closure committee.


Making the Transition Obviously, once the decision to close a school is made, complicated transitions begin. The proposition claim that the government could invest more resources or copy other education models, but until this happens, removing the private education system would force everyone to enter a system unfit for purpose.

Another important step is forming a district transition team. I am currently a single parent as my partner is on a business trip to Scandinavia. If more students begin to attend public schools, we will soon come to realise that the effects are not only extremely beneficial for the majority poor and middle-class but also for the minority rich because they enable everybody to become more socially aware and are a key to future economic growth as more people are given future opportunities to seek steady employment.

Private schools do not provide all parents with an alternative — only those who can afford it. Where's the continuity of learning in that? There are exceptions to the restricted use of funds described above.

How can you argue that creating a two tier, immiscible separation of our society is a good thing? My wife has taken holiday leave to stay home risking the ire of her employer.

Closing a School Best Practices Guide

On days when the weather is bad, listen to any local radio or television station for information about school closing.Schools Should Not Be Closed Because of Low Test Scores. Cody Dean Outline I. Schools should not be closed down because of low test scores. A. Many schools are being closed because of low test scores when the problem is not.

10 things about school snow closures

Many schools are being closed because of low test scores when the problem is not the school or its teachers. B.

When is school closed due to weather?

Schools should not be closed because of the students' scores. C. It is not the teachers or administrators fault that the students are failing.

Closing schools will make nothing better. Schools make jobs. II. Schools do not have low test scores because of teachers or administrators. A. It is the. At the time, I was a classroom teacher, and I wrote to the UFT’s newsletter, the New York Teacher, to suggest that in such a melting pot as New York City, public schools should not be closed for any religious holidays.

When schools are forced to close down, it's not just an abandoned building left standing -- the community is left standing as well. Closing a school means dismantling a. 32 Responses to “Schools should recognize non-Christian religious holidays” just because schools don’t focus on a certain holiday that doesn’t mean that kids are excluded from celebrating it.

Schools is just one aspect of a persons life and what a kid does outside of school is none of their business, whether celebrating a religious. Jessica Ware, of The Local, an English Language news website in Berlin, says heavy snow falls rarely result in German schools being closed because "they are more equipped to deal with it".


Schools should not be closed because
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