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From the sidelines, other actors shout out comments and questions of angry customers Alan resentfully served. Alan is clearly startled when the psychiatrist coolly responds to the jingles as if Alan were speaking normally.

Dysart agrees, on the condition that they always speak the truth. Because the setting is so simplistic the audience has to imagine the places where the different scenes take place, this way the audience is drawn into the play from the beginning.

Revealing a tryst with Jill, he begins to re-enact the event. Dysart realizes that while he looks at books on classical Greece and travels there with all accommodations booked and all One manifestation of that intensity the sexual aspect of his beliefs is very clear.

Alan tells how he was on the beach building a sandcastle when a young horseman rode up and told him how good it was. The previously discussed competition between Dora and Frank, which began over religious issues, seems to be evolving into a competition over who can blame the other more.

Alan says the idea is stupid, but takes the tape recorder anyway. Scene 1 — The play begins with Alan standing next to the horse, Nugget, portrayed by a human actor wearing a stylized mask of a horse in a posture of great affection.

Equus is a play about a boy, Alan Strang, who blinds six horses with a hoof pick. How that intensity led him to the point of blinding the horses, however, is still unknown. The play was adapted into a film in They are now naked and are looking at each other diagonally across the square.

The narrative utilizes both traditional and innovative storytelling techniques to explore themes relating to the nature of worship, the power of faith, and the extent of personal accountability.

What makes this part of the play have a spooky and disturbing side to it is how the play tells of loud noises to sound of wood being smashed by hooves, and the stamping of horses can be heard. They challenge each other with questions.

He learns that, from an early age, Alan has been receiving conflicting viewpoints on religion from his parents. He sees the dream as an indicator of his subconscious feelings about his job as a psychiatrist.

He explains that Jill has had a breakdown. Planning ib extended essay abstract Planning ib extended essay abstract. Alan begins to walk about the stage, describing the place. He also divulges his feeling that his occupation is not all that he wishes it to be and his feelings of dissatisfaction and disappointment about his barren life.

He hands Alan the pick, and then goes out. Jill invites him to the stable on the weekend, and Alan tells Dysart that that was when he met Dalton.

But she is also the contradiction of the psychiatrist, who believes that if he treats Alan, Alan will loose his passion and ability to worship.


In relating his themes, Shaffer combines psychological realism with expressionistic theatrical techniques, employing such devices as masks, mime, and dance. Frank starts to leave. Equus is a play about passion and worship, and the strong suggestion of the dramatist is that modern society has lost its ability to worship anything, let alone worship it passionately.

She describes Alan as her loving little boy until the Devil came into him. Jill mimes this section of closing the door, since potentially such a large and heavy door cannot be placed on the type of stage used for Equus.

Religious belief is an illusion, says Freud, because it is motivated by a wish fulfillment without basis in what we know about reality. Certainly the blinding of the horses is atrocious, but the total consumption by God of the devotee is an experience wished for by many religious zealots of different religions.Equus peter shaffer analysis essay By.

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The stage design given by Shaffer is quite novel, using a central raised platform, circular and revolving, together with two benches on either side and, in the background, a row of seats for the chorus representing the god Equus.

3. actors' work on stage All the cast of Equus. Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Equus By Peter Shaffer: A Critical Analysis Words | 5 Pages. Equus by Peter Shaffer: A Critical Analysis The s were a time of great change in both culture and in the field of psychiatry. Journey into a mind: Peter Shaffer’s play Equus is a journey into the mind of year-old Alan Strang and his religious obsession with horses.

More importantly, Alan’s obsession stems from a conflicted religious background complicated by rising sexual feelings. Alan’s relationship with religion and.

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